DWH & BI & ETL Architect, Designer

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I work on the data warehouse and business intelligence solutions built on Microsoft platform for many years. I have experience in roles where I built some small data warehouse solutions from the start and further in roles where I worked on design, analysis and development parts of enterprise solutions. The data warehouse and business intelligence area is still evolving and I continue to expand my knowledge portfolio with Microsoft technology, which has achieved tremendous success in this area. I worked in the retail, logistic, transport, energy, engineering and finance industry. In the last two years I was interested more in dimensional modeling, data warehousing concepts and ETL subsystems. Since last several months I've been continuously improving my knowledge about data modeling, SQL Server Analysis Services and TABULAR model, Data Analysis Expression, Power BI and other unlisted SQL Server services. Generally meaning I'm focused on the data warehouse and business intelligence area and Microsoft platform.


Datové modelování Business Intelligence (BI) Datawarehouse / DWH + další

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