Web Designer (Webflow)

Web Designer (Webflow)

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Dostupnost: pouze pro členy

Ochota cestovat: Celý svět

Profesní stav: Freelancer

Celkové pracovní zkušenosti: 13 Rok/-y

Jazykové znalosti: Angličtina,

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Hi, I'm Martin and my job is to create a website in Webflow, with an excellent experience that thrills you and makes you engaged. I design neat websites (experience, UI, graphics, brand identity) with your goals and strategy in mind. Then, I develop them using Webflow - with awesome animations and interactions. Since I am both designer and front-end developer, I can create designs and then develop them on Webflow seamlessly - when designing, I know what can be achieved; when developing, I focus on the tiniest details to deliver astounding experience. Responsive website. Neat animations. I can even create advanced custom code on Webflow, for more complex needs. With more than 13 years of remote work, I know how to communicate with you regularly. I let you know when to expect the work – and I deliver it on time. I don’t make excuses. My work is professional and timely and I won’t disappear in the middle of your project. I work quickly and efficiently and I don’t waste your time or money with work that doesn’t deliver what you need. I've been working remotely my entire career with clients from around the world, mostly with clients from the U.S., Australia and around Europe. Different time-zones? Like a morning coffee, it's in my nature. Want to grow your business? Get in touch!


Web Design & Development

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