IT fullstack developer

IT fullstack developer

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I'm a front-end developer at LEDsviti, the LED lighting vendor. I have been in this role since 2013. The company is in the B2B sector. I work in a team of ten marketing, sales and IT specialists. Not only did we have fun in creating this campaign, but we also considered it enriching to see the results. Prior to joining LEDsviti I worked in two IT companies - Brokerjet Czech Savings Bank and Livescore - and was lucky to work with amazing clients. I am really passionate about my work and I always want to get in touch with other IT people. While I enjoy all aspects of my work, I think my favorite stage of the project works with a leading client or business man to understand his business goals. During this process of cooperation, ideas begin to flow, and that is always a fun part. I studied at the CTU in Prague and VSE in Prague. I'm always interested in hearing from former colleagues, managers or just interesting creative people so you can contact me if you want to join.


Python Javascript jQuery HTML5 Adobe Photoshop Google Adwords Adwords Scripts Node.js

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