Event Manager / Marketing Operations

Event Manager / Marketing Operations

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Ochota cestovat: Celý svět

Profesní stav: Freelancer

Celkové pracovní zkušenosti: 5 Rok/-y

Jazykové znalosti: Angličtina, Gruzínština, Ruština,

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To whom it may concern. I have qualified success as an event manager and possess an organized and people-oriented work ethic which I can bring to the role. As a founder of 2 event planning and organizing collectives in Prague I’ve planned and executed over 50 day and night events in the last 2 years. The events ranged from small gatherings and workshops to large-scale international events with documentary screenings, networking, contemporary arts exhibitions, light installations all followed by music nights. I have overseen all aspects of event planning and management both for my own events and projects not related to my field of interest. The work ranged from finding venues to selecting vendors, marketing planning, SMM, PR, copy writing and quality control. I’m known for my ability to negotiate and focus on client satisfaction while remaining in alignment with the projected budget. I’m happy to tell you more should you decide to arrange a time to speak.


Marketing sociálních medií CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Event Marketing / Event management

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