English Training Solutions

English Training Solutions

Hodinová sazba: pouze pro členy

Dostupnost: pouze pro členy

Ochota cestovat: V okolí (100 km)

Profesní stav: Freelancer

Celkové pracovní zkušenosti: 25 Rok/-y

Jazykové znalosti: Angličtina,

Osobní představení

Experienced in voice-acting, corporate presentation training and English coaching. I offer knowledge and experience in listening to you and building your professional service. A settled resident of Prague, with customised, flexible and creative solutions in quick turn-around time, I present a USP for client marketing and communication. I deliver voice-acting, presentation training and English perfection to achieve your targets in any market. I've a warm, authoritative & inviting voice. I record to broadcast standard in my studio. Clients include BASF, Czech Television, Aveco Broadcast, Scilif & Nowaco. I deliver fast & reliable HD audio in any format. Script proofing (US, UK or AU English), recording & mastering. Editing out all plosives, thuds & unwanted noise to give you a clean voice product. I'm a seasoned copywriter too if you need that creative lift. I include one round of revision of your script for free and you can get a complete range of royalty-free sound effects selected to achieve full sound design. I have a dynamic voice you can depend on. Listen to my samples below. I've performed over 500+ hours of voice-over & in 50+ character styles on TV trailers, commercials, IVR, narration, corporate, audiobooks, podcasts & more. I provide core English presentation training using clients' own presentation material to greatly improve their communication skill and confidence.

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