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My main role in this world is to code on both sides (Front-End & Back-End) of the Web Development battlefield. Most of the projects I've worked on have a Laravel BE + Blade, Handlebars, ES6, SASS FE. I've started as a young FE developer working on a HTML5 Poker Client, continued my journey through some bumps on the roads where I also done a little bit of mobile app development ( Tastimo written in Framework7 ) where I've been mostly working on the FE side. Since 2016 I work as a contractor, beginning my "new" journey as a Full-Stack Developer helping few guys build a massive lifestyle social network for young people called (Laravel). This is where my digging in BE side of Development began. Now I work as Senior Web Developer at Inspirum Technologies helping the company to build amazing e-commerce websites. Contact me for a coffee or a small chit-chat.


PHP JavaScript HTML5 + další

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