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Profesní stav: Freelancer

Celkové pracovní zkušenosti: 4 Rok/-y

Jazykové znalosti: Angličtina, Čeština, Ruština,

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I bring value beyond words: a copy that tells, sells, and compels. As a marketing manager and copywriter with four years of experience writing for media and consumer brands, I am engaged in different activities, including writing technical posts about the product, creating and distributing newsletters and press releases, and writing marketing copy to support business objectives and growth. Likewise, I assisted in marketing duties such as running social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok), creating Facebook Ads, and establishing partnerships (with influencers and companies). During my copywriting career, I have been a creative writer for different industries (food recipes, IT blogs about software and technical aspects, design articles, and news and events in Prague). Along these lines, my abilities include writing creative copies, multitasking, computer and software skills, and interpersonal and international communication skills, which allow me to suit the writing piece to the targeted audience. What can you expect? -Engaging & entertaining article with keywords -Boost in SEO -Credible & reliable references -Formal & informal voice tone -Colorful data charts -Additional revisions & corrections Why choose me? -Experience in Economics & Marketing for more than four years -100+ happy clients -Intercultural Background in Journalism & Media Writing -Diligence & Professionalism Contact me today, and we will create the copy that tells, sells, and compels together.



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