Software Engineer

Software Engineer

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Something about me When working with people, I value openness, transparency, collaboration, trust and recognition. I believe that if your decision making process is open and transparent, you collaborate with other people, trust them and recognize their work, you can build a great team. I also believe that one must have continuous learning in order to innovate and move forward. An example of my demonstration of the values at work: 1) Transparency I try to make all communication public to provide open access to information I work with For instance: I communicate only through public channels, I try to share my thoughts in written form as much as possible to have searchable information that is accessible to others 2) Openness to feedback I am always open to feedback and willing to learn something new from others. I think that code review should be an integral part of the engineering process, but engaging positively and with respect should be the natural way of doing reviews. 3) Continuous learning I enjoy reading engineering books, here is the list of books I've read and tried hard to apply it in practice[...] I just finished the Java Concurrency in Practice book which gave me in depth knowledge of Java internals regarding synchronization. I also enjoy trying out the latest tools and frameworks as I believe that innovation is critical for making progress. 4) Challenging the status quo In my last project, I joined a team who developed a distributed system of several components. When I started working in the project, I just finished reading the Continuous Delivery book and realized that everybody was developing on their laptops and there was no way to build, deploy and test the whole system repeatedly with automation. I started to design and implement deployment pipelines as a code and was convincing others to contribute to it as well. I deployed Jenkins in master/slave mode to run multiple pipelines in parallel. I started to write end2end tests and integrate them into the pipelines. At the end, we were able to build, deploy and test the whole system in one click in Jenkins and on multiple jenkins nodes.


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