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Managing Director of [...], located in Munich. For over 15 years, he has been contracted by various Top-10- consulting firms, working in strategic advice and process consultation, both for international corporations and medium-sized businesses in Germany, the U.S., France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia and Czech Republic. An experienced manager of complex projects. The focus of his work is corporate strategy, profitable growth, cost reduction and process reengineering. His main areas of activity are distribution, Procurement and logistics. Another focus is the management of international projects in the emerging markets. He concentrates mainly on the areas of market entry and development, global sourcing, search and evaluation of cooperation partners, selection, evaluation and development of business locations, as well as outsourcing. His areas of expertise include the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, metal processing, precision devices, electronics and electrical engineering, construction materials, food industry and trade. He studied Business Administration and graduated as Diplom-Kaufmann (German MBA equivalent) from LMU Munich. He speaks German, English, Czech and Russian and can understand other Eastern European languages.


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