Video director / Editor

Video director / Editor

Hodinová sazba: pouze pro členy

Dostupnost: pouze pro členy

Ochota cestovat: Celý svět

Profesní stav: Freelancer

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Jazykové znalosti: Čeština, Angličtina, Ruština,

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My name is Anton, I'm a professional video maker, lover of good stories and former professional swimmer. Currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic. Me and my team have more than 4 years of experience in video production, editing, and audio mixing. Previous clients include Škoda Auto Česká Republika, Mazda Kazakhstan Vonlanthen, and many small businesses in Europe. We can work on-site as a filmmaker or i can put together a small team if the scope of work calls for that. We can also work from my office putting together footage provided by the you. In addition, to spice up video, we can also create motion graphics and 2D animations. Our goal is to always create compelling stories that support the image or brand and to openly communicate and work with my clients to give them exactly what they need.


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