Industrial Automation Engineer

Industrial Automation Engineer

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Industrial Automation Engineer with Long experience in designing, programming, and developing industrial automation systems, microgrid, and smart grids solutions. +6 years experience in: - Design and develop highly efficient and sophisticated HMI's at the local operator and SCADA level using a variety of visualization SWs (WinCC flexible, WinCC Comfort, and WinCC Advanced). - Testing, installation, start-up, and troubleshooting of Siemens s7-300/400/1200/1500. - Programming, coding, and debugging Siemens PLC controllers based on (LAD, FBD, SCL, CEM). - Writing high-quality PLC codes using various programming styles and approaches - Solving High-complex problems related to industrial automation and power system projects - Setting up and configuring industrial network communications based on Profibus, Profinet, and Modbus. - Microcontrollers Programming (ATMEL, Arduino). ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ +3 Years experience in: - Commissioning, Installation, and Diagnostics of Sinamics S-120 Converter Drive (Booksize and Chassis format) for SmartGrid Applications with a wide power range (16kW-300kW). - SINAMICS Programming within Siemens StartDrive and STARTER. - Designing and programming Drive Control Charts (DCC) for high complex drive applications. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ +3 Years Experience in: - Simulation of Industrial Production Lines based on Factory I/O software and Simatic Step 7. - Design, implementation, and simulation of Smart-Grid systems. - Analysis, Reporting, and technical documentation writing. - Android Application Developer certified by Google. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ - The founder of the AT academy (Exceeding 12000 subscribers). ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Difficult challenges, a passion for exploration, research, adding effective value, and working in a team, always motivate me to look for a place where I can share my experience, deliver my knowledge release my abilities, and learn new skills". ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

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