Zvyšování efektivity

Zvyšování efektivity

Hodinová sazba: pouze pro členy

Dostupnost: pouze pro členy

Ochota cestovat: Celý svět

Profesní stav: Freelancer

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Jazykové znalosti: Čeština, Angličtina,

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I am an excellent organizer with an art of clear and structured communication. The practicality and feasibility of proposed strategic solutions are my strength. The analysis together with the gift of feeling the atmosphere in meeting with others helps me to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed solution when dealing with tough situations. I am a team player, I feel satisfied when things are moving forward in agreed deadlines to the successful completion of goals set. I am an expert in Marketing and Procurement. I have gained marketing experience in various positions in several industrial fields and developed the knowledge of purchasing mainly in the indirect procurement of the pharmaceutical industry. Recently I have extended my coaching capabilities, which provided me with new techniques and tools to be more efficient and effective in activities I do.

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