Operations Manager

Operations Manager

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More than 18 years experiences with developing and leading of operations (QM, Prod., Log., SCM and Customs). Demonstrable worldwide Automotive and Hi-Tech Electronics industry experiences (USA, Brazil, etc.). As well as problem solving and de-escalation procedures. Able to devise and establish a company's quality procedures, standards and specifications as well as review customer requirements and make sure they are met. Ensuring that manufacturing or production processes meet international and national standards. Creatively look at ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Responsible to define quality procedures in conjunction with operating staff as well as set up and maintain controls and documentation procedures. Strong to review existing policies and make suggestions for changes and improvements and how to implement them. Demonstrable abilities to measure performance and identify any areas of weakness, recommending and implementing improvements assess the effectiveness of changes made. Successful establishment of 3 greenfield Automotive projects within CZ. Designing and developing of regional DC (Distribution Center - large capacity warehouses), external warehouses and material flows. Successful development and managing of Logistics principles transferred into daily usage business (ERP) system implementations included. Worldwide Logistics/Production projects preparations and leading with positive results. Successful implementation of Lean Manufacturing principles. Leading corporate planning process including short range and long range strategic planning, project planning and related activities implementations included. Developing strategy for improving key performance indicators. P+L and Budget - Ensuring account reporting is in place to enable clear visibility of financial performance and areas of risk at all times. Strong leadership with the ability to work with people at all levels across the international platform.


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